Lynch syndrome is a genetic condition that increases a person's risk for certain cancers. It is the most common inherited cause of colorectal and endometrial cancers. Many individuals with a Lynch mutation develop related cancers at very early ages, much younger than the general population. Screening should begin earlier for patients with a known Lynch mutation. 

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In November 2019, 13 Lynch-positive patients, seven women and six men, eight cancer survivors and five previvors, met for the first time in Houston at a weekend sponsored by Promega Corporation. While together they had the opportunity to talk with experts in the field of genetic counseling, oncology, research, treatment, and immunotherapy. They were also given the opportunity to connect with each other and bond over shared experiences. 

Living with Lynch

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A Lynch syndrome hereditary cancer advocacy organization

For more info on these organizations, go to AliveAndKickn and the Colon Cancer Coalition 
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